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In this video I create an example outline for the Rogerian Argument essay assignment.

Creating a Rogerian Argument Essay Structure

Not every essay, which tries to find a common solution, is a Rogerian essay. You should not resign forcefully from your own point of view. You have to find common points between both theses; if you merely write “My point is wrong, the point X is correct”, this will not change anything.

In this video I create an example outline for the Rogerian Argument essay assignment.

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You’re sitting in class, and let’s face it, your mind is wandering a little bit. But then your instructor says that your next assignment is to write a Rogerian essay.

In this video I create an example outline for the Rogerian Argument essay assignment.

Basically, a Rogerian essay is the diplomatic version of an . I’m sure you’ve had real-life arguments where you can’t just change your opposition’s point of view, right? In those cases, you look for common ground from both arguments so that each side can reach some sort of consensus.

The term “Rogerian essay” can throw off a lot of people. It turns out it’s really pretty simple once you know the basics. Ready to jump in?

A Rogerian essay thus deals with the Rogerian argument, so it presents both views and attempts of both opponents to persuade each other. A Rogerian essay does not have any strictly formulated length or topic. It can be written in the field of Social sciences, Humanities, but not in Natural sciences (which deal mostly with facts and not with opinions).The outline has to contain all important theses and arguments which will be part of your Rogerian essay. You can change it as long as you read specialized literature; it always brings new knowledge, thereby leading to changing your thesis. But once the outline is completed, you should not make essential changes.It is important to read also articles which defend the opposite point of view; in your case, arguing for paid tertiary education. Do not forget that you are writing a Rogerian essay, but not a .The Rogerian essay is named for the type of argument it makes–the Rogerian argument named after psychologist Carl Rogers. He believed that the key to effective communication lies in each side’s ability to negotiate differences in order to better understand each other.Confusion strikes. You immediately sit up in your seat, hoping for some sort of elaboration on how to write a Rogerian essay, or at least an explanation of what it is. Unfortunately, your instructor is moving on without clarification.Now that we have our introduction taken care of, it’s time to get into the meat of the essay–the body. As opposed to the traditional , which has three main points as the body paragraphs, the Rogerian essay focuses on trying to work out the main arguments of each side.For the purposes of this example, I’ll be exploring one of the main topics of –integrating cartoon characters with the general population–to give a basic framework for your Rogerian essay.Forgetting about the common ground is a mistake that will turn your Rogerian essay into a straight-up argumentative essay. Even if the views are radically different, think about the underlying sentiments of those views. You can usually find something in common between two sides of an argument, but you might have to get a little creative in the process.When you’re thinking about how to write a Rogerian essay, don’t fall into the trap of being too one-sided. You want to be more of a neutral mediator instead of a writer on the attack.If you’re still looking for help with your Rogerian essay, there are several places you can turn to. has a wealth of resources for almost any kind of writing you can imagine. College and university websites such as and the have several writing resources available to anyone who can navigate the internet.