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Learning to write a quick 25 minute essay is an important part of college preparation for two reasons. Alex picked up on reason #1 – colleges often have essay tests. The second reason for practicing quick essay skills is a little more immediate for homeschoolers. You need the skill to score well on the SAT and ACT tests. Both tests contain a short essay. In the SAT the essay is mandatory. In the ACT the essay is optional for the test, but certain colleges will require the “optional essay” provided by the ACT.

How I write good, quick essays.

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Real success with learning to write a quick essay comes with practice. Once children learn how to write reasonably well, most additional success will come through practice.

How To Write A Good Quick Essay NO EFFORT

What would you give to hear these words? “Thanks, Mom!” During Alex’s first week at college, he actually thanked me for a skill I taught him when we were homeschooling. Believe it or not, he thanked me for teaching him to write a quick essay.

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