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If you don't have a topic in mind, you may need to get some inspiration from the list our provides or just from browsing the Internet. If you haven't put together a list of problematic questions for essays you would like to elaborate on, go in a contrary direction. Look through the suggested list of personal essay topics and make notes to those you find the most appealing. This will help you realize whether you have an opinion on this or another subject and you will be able to build up an appropriate structure for your writing.[/tickbox]

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These personal essay topics are very detailed and help to lead the student along the way. Good personal essay topics are just as these are, leading, guiding, or compelling. They do not control the student, but rather help them to unlock the outward expression that they already desire from their inner person. Everyone wants their voice to be heard and this is a way for the students to have that voice heard in such a way that they are free afterwards. Personal essay topics for high school students should be very inviting for them and very natural in their expression. The topics need to always be timeless as well.

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In fact we’re willing to bet there are seven or eight things on that list you could write about. Everyone’s lives are different, but most of us have similar experiences. That’s what makes reading about other people so interesting; how we can relate their lives to our own. Good personal essay topics bring out these experiences so we can share them with others.

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