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GRE essay tips for the analytical writing assessment issue essay and argument essay.

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Hopefully the GRE Argument Essay tips introduced in this post help clarify that what distinguishes a high-scoring from a low-scoring GRE Argument Essay is something far more substantial than a writer’s ability to structure their essay, use transitions, and avoid grammatical errors. To write an excellent critique of an argument, a writer must understand the structure of an argument and what constitutes a logically valid as opposed to an invalid conclusion. Only then can a writer accurately summarize and effectively analyze the relationship between the ideas presented.

GRE Essay Tips and facts are given on this article, as it covers the Graduate Record Examination needed for attendance in American colleges.

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Most websites, books, and test prep courses offering GRE essay tips do little more than state the obvious. Tips like "manage your time," "structure your essay," "use transitions," etc. apply to any timed writing assignment and ignore the specificity of the GRE Argument Essay, which requires that test-takers critique an argument. In order to receive a high score on the GRE Analytical Writing Section, it is therefore vital that test-takers understand the elements of an argument and not just the elements of good writing. The three GRE Argument Essay tips introduced below precede the elements of good writing: they are critical for determining which ideas in an argument require greater focus and for establishing a logical essay structure.

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The testers are interested in your content and how you organized it on the page. They are interested in how your mind works over what you have learnt so far. This means that you will not be penalized heavily for the odd awkwardly phrased sentence or typo. Obviously you should care about sentence syntax, grammar and spelling, but do not waste too much time on it. Just be sure that the piece flows and you get you point across adeptly. Of all GRE Essay Tips the most important is to proofread. If you have time, you should do two proofreads. The first proofread should be to figure out where all your point should go, and to see if it flows and makes sense. The second is for grammar, punctuation and spelling. That way if you run out of time on the second read through, then it is not such a big deal.

GRE Issue Essay Tips. There will be two essay questions on the GRE Test. One of these will be the Issue essay while the other will be the Argument essay.