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One source of worry about the robust concern view is that it involvestoo passive an understanding of one's beloved (Ebels-Duggan 2008). Thethought is that on the robust concern view the lover merely tries todiscover what the beloved's well-being consists in and then acts topromote that, potentially by thwarting the beloved's own efforts whenthe lover thinks those efforts would harm her well-being. This,however, would be disrespectful and demeaning, not the sort ofattitude that love is. What robust concern views seem to miss,Ebels-Duggan suggests, is the way love involves interacting agents,each with a capacity for autonomy the recognition and engagement withwhich is an essential part of love. In response, advocates of therobust concern view might point out that promoting someone'swell-being normally requires promoting her autonomy (though they maymaintain that this need not always be true: that paternalism towards abeloved can sometimes be justified and appropriate as an expression ofone's love). Moreover, we might plausibly think, it is only throughthe exercise of one's autonomy that one can define one's ownwell-being as a person, so that a lover's failure to respect thebeloved's autonomy would be a failure to promote her well-being andtherefore not an expression of love, contrary to what Ebels-Duggansuggests. Consequently, it might seem, robust concern views cancounter this objection by offering an enriched conception of what itis to be a person and so of the well-being of persons.

An Essay on Love

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This essay focuses on personal love, or the love of particular personsas such. Part of the philosophical task in understanding personallove is to distinguish the various kinds of personal love. Forexample, the way in which I love my wife is seemingly verydifferent from the way I love my mother, my child, and my friend. Thistask has typically proceeded hand-in-hand with philosophical analysesof these kinds of personal love, analyses that in part respond tovarious puzzles about love. Can love be justified? If so, how? What isthe value of personal love? What impact does love have on theautonomy of both the lover and the beloved?

Essay On Love

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