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Mauritius National Integrity Action Plan
(continued) Media - Legislate liberalisation of broadcasting - Legislate more access to information in ministries - Demand more balanced reporting - Implement Code of Conduct for journalists - Introduce more specialised training (e.g. investigative journalism) - Demand more balanced coverage between private-sector and public-sector on corruption issues - Have media engage in public awareness campaign on corruption issues Parliament - Shorten parliamentary holidays for MPs - Increase number of weekly sessions - Demand annual report of Ministries to Parliament - Introduce live broadcast of parliamentary proceedings - Introduce more regular meetings of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) - Improve staffing and resources of PAC - Have the PAC’s report debated in assembly, open to the media and the public - Sanction parastatal bodies for late submission of annual report to Parliament - Introduce more parliamentary committees to discuss corruption reforms - Introduce regulation of political funding before the next general election - Introduce written answers to PQs communicated in advance - Introduce annual returns of assets for MPs published in the media - Amend legislation to deal with corruption Customs - Review customs procedures

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Every corrupt person should put behind jail. And we should improve and we have to make roots of our country strong. So anyone cannot defect our roots of our country. We have to remove corruption from our country otherwise our country will completely destroyed due to our own persons. Here was essay on corruption this will be very helpful to you all.

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Free Essay on Corruption I think corruption as an evil disease of modern society, its reach is beyond imagination, as many readings about it tend to say. I personally have experienced it in my own country, and to me it is unfortunately what moves a good percentage of a bad economic life in many countries….

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