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When you finish a really long essay!!!

At a glance, the task to write a long essay sounds a bit weird. What is it gist? Is it an essay with long paragraphs and sentences? Is its main characteristic a huge word limit? Finally, what are you supposed to do to prepare a long essay and how should it look like? Let us answer your questions right now.

Sure, longer paragraphs and sentences are not the main characteristics of a long essay. Special word limit, which definitely will be bigger than in typical essays, can be considered as one of the features of a long essay.

Yet, these are just formal requirements that vary from teacher to teacher. What you should learn now are some general principles of preparing long essays. Thus, let our professional writers explain you how to write a good long essay.

Leave enough time

How much time writing a standard essay takes you? Probably, not too much. However, preparing a long essay might take you longer than you expect. Therefore, it is better to start working on long essays earlier.

Check an assignment sheet

Before you start writing long essays, check all the instructions from your teacher. Particularly, check and re-check the required word limit. See how many sources you should use. Check all other specific requirements.

Plan everything

Even if you do not have this habit, completing long essays may be difficult without plans and schedules. First, set up a schedule, mark the deadline, break your long essay into smaller parts, and define how much time you need to complete each one. Then, make an outline for your long essay that highlights all major points you want to make and details you are going to include into your paper.

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Many experienced writers can sit down and write a short essay from start to finish, but a long essay requires more planning

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When writing a long essay, you must not be daunted by the number of pages. Having a negative outlook on the task will only trouble you and make you think that you cannot handle the task at hand. Here are some things to keep in mind when writing a long essay:

Writing long essays is not only about making longer paragraphs and sentences. A good long essay requires thorough planning and time to be completed.

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